Private Label Supplements by Wholesome Vitality

As you search for private label supplements to grow your business, you have to know you are dealing with supplement manufacturers who have integrity.

supplement manufacturers Whole FoodWholesome Vitality takes you and your product seriously! There are no small projects in our eyes.  We assume that every single vitamin, whole food supplement or herbal formulation you market is going to be a huge success.  That means that we help watch your back.  We do our very best to keep up on the latest FDA dietary supplement regulations and we will never cut corners. When you receive your branded supplements, you will have the confidence of knowing that it is safe, tested and contains the highest quality ingredients.

Give us a call to have a casual conversation about making your vitamin, capsule, tablet or gel cap. We’ll brainstorm with you: (801) 836-4035

We are the best supplement manufacturers for your project!

Every supplement marketer is a VIP to us. Weather you are a Doctor, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Trainer, Weight Loss Adviser or a Chiropractor; you can rest assured that we will help you find the perfect formula for your customers.

Client Privacy from Supplement ManufacturersYou may notice that we don’t tout the supplement brands we have created.  We do this on purpose! We believe it is bad business to springboard from your brilliant marketing!

We will never show our list of supplement marketing clients!

Your identity is safe with us. We count on you becoming a Rock Star with your health products and your customers will never know that we exist. We are passionate about helping you and your product succeed. It’s our job to make great supplements and help you with marketing materials.

Here is how our process works:

  1. We brainstorm your product with you (or) evaluate your custom supplement formula.
  2. Once you have decided on a formula, we will quote you a minimum order and price per bottle.
  3. If you need help with label design, our in house team can help you with that for FREE.
  4. You make a 50% deposit and we’ll go to work.
  5. We complete your project according to the time schedule we quote (We have a goal of 3 – 4 weeks for supplement manufacturing). Some formulas take longer.
  6. Your product will be tested and then you will be notified to send final payment.
  7. Upon receipt of your payment, your entire order is shipped direct to your door or fulfillment center of choice.

Most of our customers start out by fulfilling their own orders to their customers but as they grow, they need to focus their attention on marketing and sales.  We have a partnership with a very reliable supplement fulfillment company who can take care of all your order fulfillment at a very reasonable price. The bottom line is this…

If you run into any aspect of your business that you don’t understand or have never done before and it is associated in any way with the products we make for you, we are here to help.

We have been in the supplement manufacturing industry for years.  We are experts at what we do and we have a huge Rolodex of associated supporting industry experts.  We are here to help you become as successful as possible.  Aside from creating and manufacturing the highest quality supplements available, our secondary strength is communication and support.  You are not alone when you choose Wholesome Vitality. It is our goal to become a true partner in your success and we look forward to introducing you to the family.

You can expect innovation and communication. What do we mean by innovation? It means that once your product is completed, we don’t just sit back and wait for the next order.  We continue to work behind the scenes to speed up turn around times for you, lower costs without compromising integrity, and inform you about any developments that can be used as a competitive edge in your marketing. Run into a difficult customer question about your product? Send it to us and we will help you create an FAQ answer for that question. We really are here to serve you.  The more we help, the more you will sell and the more you will buy. It’s a true win / win relationship.

Check Our Competition!

We only want to work with you if we are a  perfect fit and can deliver in a very outstanding way. Mediocrity is never OK in fro us. If we are not the best company to make your product, we will be the first to tell you. We encourage you to talk to at least 3 other private label supplements companies  and supplement manufacturers before you make your decision.


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